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Major cities: Richmond, Valcourt, Windsor

The Val-Saint-François territory’s three unique epicentres, Valcourt, Richmond, and Windsor, provide a vibrant atmosphere where a world of possibilities awaits. You can sense the satisfaction of our locals with their brilliant decision to settle in the north Estrienne region. Birthplace to Joseph-Armand Bombardier, one of Quebec’s greatest builders and inventor of the snowmobile, you can still feel his presence thanks to a communal entrepreneurial spirit. You can also enjoy the union of Francophone and Anglophone cultures celebrated in both the architecture and the values of the region’s inhabitants. And with its proximity to services, Val-Saint-François is the perfect place for families!


The Val-Saint-François Way


Proud Traditions and Innovation

In Val-Saint-François the region’s heritage and enthusiasm for experimentation come together to chart a path for growth. Innovative projects such as the Ulys Collective are born in an environment shaped by its well-established historical heritage.

Ulys Collectif à RacineMusée de l'ardoiseParc historique de la Poudrière de Windsor

Be Passionate and Get Inspired

Val-Saint-François is home to both enthusiastic people and exciting events. For example, the Grand Prix Ski-doo de Valcourt. It is also the perfect place for children to grow and thrive, as demonstrated by our youth involvement. By taking on their carbon-neutral project, children at the Odyssey School have shown that they are engaged, passionate, and not afraid to make a difference.

Projet carboneutre de l'école OdysséeGrand Prix Ski-doo de Valcourt

Family and Community Spirit

The residents of Val-Saint-François are rightfully proud of the ever-present founding legacy of Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his family. It is this sense of pride and the importance of family that inspires the community to forge close ties and come together, for example during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Festivités de la Saint-Patrick à RichmondMarché LocavoreMusée de l'ingéniosité J. Armand Bombardier


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Townships Treasures

Residents of Val-Saint-François share their favourites!

Canoe and Kayak in Richmond

Paddling up the Saint-François river by canoe or kayak is a fun way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around Richmond.

Cinézoo in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle

Cinézoo is a quirky attraction that allows you to see animals in a different light. It never disappoints!

Ferme au Versant Doré

This is a pesticide-free, non-mechanized vegetable farm that sells large baskets brimming with delicious vegetables. I am a diehard for anything small, local and family-run, and the Ferme au Versant Doré ticks all my boxes!


Le Val-Saint-François, tu connais? (in French only)


Welcome Agent / Val-Saint-François RCM


This territory has a welcome agent that develops, promotes, supervises and deploys a reception and assistance network to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into the social, cultural and economic landscape of the region.

819 845-7871 poste 225

Place aux jeunes en région Val-Saint-François


Place aux jeunes en région aids and encourages graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 to move to regions outside of Quebec’s large city centres. The organization operates in 15 regions across Quebec and helps young people settle, find a job and integrate into their new living environment.

819 845-5900



ValFamille is dedicated to helping families connect to relevant resources, events and volunteer opportunities in Val-Saint-François. The portal allows families to quickly see the resources that are available to them in their area.

Valcourt 2030


Valcourt 2030’s mission is to bring together people who are interested in the community, cultural, economic and social development of the City of Valcourt and the Valcourt Township. Their goal is to make Grand Valcourt a place that welcomes and encourages innovation, forward-thinking and respect for family values.

450 532-2030

ADN emploi


ADN Emploi is an employment advice centre for individuals and businesses in the RCM of Sources and the RCM of Val-Saint-François. ADN offers professional development services to increase the employability and promote the reintegration of young people, aged 16 and over who are struggling, and help them break into the job market. They also provide human resources consulting services to businesses in the area.

Asbestos : 819 879-4080

Windsor : 819 845-4199

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi des comtés de Richmond et Drummond-Bois-Francs


The CJE helps, supports and encourages young people to get involved in projects that are suited to their interests. These services are a way for them to invest in their social and professional goals.

Asbestos : 819 879-7667

Richmond : 819 826-1999

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi du comté de Johnson


The CJE helps, supports and encourages young people to get involved in projects that are suited to their interests. These services are a way for them to invest in their social and professional goals.

Acton Vale : 450 546-0311

Windsor / Stoke : 819-845-5900

Valcourt : 450 532-5322

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