People who live in Sherbrooke understand that sometimes in life you don’t have to compromise. It’s possible to enjoy all the benefits of urban life while being surrounded by greenery, mountains, and water. The region’s professional and scientific hub where knowledge, culture, and sports thrive in Estrie. A champion of diversity, Sherbrooke has everything families love about the city right in the heart of nature.


The Sherbrooke Way


Bustling yet Balanced

Students studying at our reputable educational institutions as well as all our creative entrepreneurs deserve to rest those busy and brilliant brains. For a memorable and impromptu evening in Sherbrooke you can always find a film to see, a new menu to try, an artist to discover, or a local team to cheer-on.

Université de SherbrookeUniversité Bishop'

Simplicity meets Sophistication

Living in Sherbrooke offers the best of many worlds: whether you’re finding treasures in your neighbourhood boutique or enjoying some retail therapy in your favourite department store; strolling around Lac de Nations or racing down the slopes of Mont Bellevue. It’s clear that Sherbrooke has everything you could want from a great city right in the heart of nature.

Lac des NationsMont-Bellevue

Open-Minds getting Involved

Through social projects such as Frigo Free Go or UPOPS Sherbrooke’s creative and dynamic environment perfectly reflects the commitment of its population. Open to the world and to all cultures, the city proudly assumes its role as a welcoming and inclusive community.

Frigo Free GoUPOPS

Do you dream about city life? Become an ambassador for Sherbrooke.

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Townships Treasures

Residents of Sherbrooke share their favourites!

Microbrasserie Siboire

Visiting Siboire is always a good time. You will feel right at home as you sample their beers and indulge in their delicious food. It’s also really close to Lac des Nation, so I recommend taking a walk around the lake to help fend off indigestion.

Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau

This marsh is never crowded. I think it’s because people just don’t know about it. It’s the perfect getaway when you’re craving a dose of nature but don’t have the time to go on a full-blown road trip. The boardwalk is perfect for spying out all sorts of little critters. The trail is admittedly quite short, but why not do a few loops or stay awhile and enjoy some bird watching?

Louis Luncheonette

Want to try the best poutine in the world? Louis Luncheonette has you covered. This restaurant is a Sherbrooke institution and has three unique locations. The menu not only rivals some of the best canteens in the world but incorporates all sorts of local products. You can’t miss it when you visit Sherbrooke!

Théâtre Granada

This venue is spectacular—every seat in the house has a great view of the stage and the shows are always exceptional. A must-see in Sherbrooke!


Sherbrooke : au coeur de l’effervescence estrienne (in French only)

Sherbrooke, tu connais ? (in French only)


Welcome Agent / Sherbrooke


This territory has a welcome agent that develops, promotes, supervises and deploys a reception and assistance network to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into the social, cultural and economic landscape of the region.

819 823-8000 poste 3928

Le Groupe Probex


Groupe Probex is a social enterprise whose raison d’être is to sustainably contribute to the improvement of individuals’ quality of life through training, mentorship, and adapted services.

(873) 200-1338

Actions interculturelles*

Work Ressource

For 30 years, Actions Interculturelles de Développement et d’Éduaction (AIDE) has worked towards its mission of highlighting the value of cultural diversity in our society. It has carried out over one hundred projects aimed at fostering exchange with communities from near and far to promote harmonious coexistence, fight against all forms of discrimination, and bolster social cohesion.

(819) 565-4410

Orientation travail


Orientation Travail offers a wide array of services and personalized support, including job search and career transition, to individuals and organization looking to give meaning to their career path. Services are tailormade for those with limitations, immigrants, as well as experienced workers.

Centre pour femmes immigrantes de Sherbrooke


The Centre’s mission is to help and support immigrant women through the social and professional integration process.

(819) 822-2259

Chambre de commerces et de l’industrie de Sherbrooke


The Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s mission is to foster and promote the socio-economic growth of private enterprise, defend member interests by exercising leadership, and maintain conditions favorable to business growth within its community.

819 822-6151

My career in Sherbrooke


J’adopte L’Estrie provides information and organizes activities that encourage students to stay and work in the area and connects them with potential employers.

819 821-5577, poste 128

Entreprendre Sherbrooke*

Work Ressource

Entreprendre Sherbrooke’s mission is to support entrepreneurs in all of their projects. Entreprendre Sherbrooke also helps run Estrie’s immigration regionalization program. They help immigrants to Montreal find settlement opportunities.

819 563-1144

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Sherbrooke


The CJE helps, supports and encourages young people to get involved in projects that are suited to their interests. These services are a way for them to invest in their social and professional goals.

819 565-2722

Centre d’intégration au marché de l’emploi (CIME)


The Centre d’Intégration au Marché de l’Emploi’s (CIME) mission is to improve women’s economic inclusion by promoting their social and professional integration in the job market.

819 564-0202



Femmessor is dedicated to the development of female entrepreneurship.


Je suis Sherbrookois


Settling down in a new city requires knowledge of this new environment and how it works. Here you will find useful information to help guide you and make the process of settling down in Sherbrooke a lot easier.

819 823-8000

Service d’aide aux Néo-Canadiens


This organization welcomes and supports immigrants in the area with their social and economic integration and encourages them to participate in intercultural exchange.

819 566-5373

Sherbrooke Innopole


Sherbrooke Innopole is the City of Sherbrooke’s economic development organization for the industrial and high-value-added services sector.

819 821-5577

Opex inc.

Work Ressource

Opex’s assistance is extended to adults aged 18+ that have had run-ins with the law. Services include job search assistance as well as workplace support and mentorship.


Work Ressources

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