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City Centre : Magog

Memphrémagog has a larger-than-life feel thanks to its vast landscapes, lakes, and mountains. The territory offers all the comforts of the city without sacrificing the charm of the country. Warm and welcoming locals can enjoy the proximity to major city centres as well as a rich, harmonious relationship between the region’s French and English communities. Even though a vacation-like atmosphere exists year-round, the residents of Memphremagog have managed to master the arts of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Memphrémagog lifestyle strikes the perfect balance between work-life, nature, entertainment, and services. It’s a piece of paradise ready for you to enjoy!


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The Memphrémagog Way


Adventure and Zen Come Together

Experience a rare blend of exaltation and contemplation. Climb to the tops of Mont Orford and Owl’s head to feel a pure adrenaline rush. Or, enjoy a relaxing moment on the enchanting shores of Lake Memphrémagog where a feeling of Zen is sure to wash over you.

Owl's headMont Orford

Simplicity meets Sophistication

At the edge of the Memphremagog RCM lies the enchantingly rustic municipality of Ayers Cliff. Each year this region invites country-music lovers to the Rodéo d’Ayers Cliff, a one-of-a-kind event with strong traditions and roots. Nearby, it also hosts the Orford Music event where classical music enthusiasts gather for a more understated event.

Rodéo d'Ayer's CliffOrford Musique

Proud Traditions and Innovation

In Magog innovation is in our DNA. And it’s thanks to our innovative spirit the Magog technopole space was created, enticing technology companies to set-up shop in Magog. While innovation abounds, we still proudly celebrate our roots–for example, the Capelton Mine whose history dates back more than 100 years.

Magog TechnopoleL'Épopée de Capelton

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Townships Treasures

Residents of Memphrémagog share their favourites!

Orford Musique

This is a great date spot or quick family-friendly outing. During the fall, you can walk along the romantically lit trails. The best part is that it’s close to everything!

Marais de la rivière-aux-cerises

This is the perfect place to take the family on a Sunday afternoon adventure. There’s a short trail lined with hanging feeders where my 1.5-year old loves to watch the birds and squirrels.

L’Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-lac

I may not be the most devout Christian, but there’s something about the monk’s Gregorian chants that make me feel at ease. It’s truly incredible. They also run a small shop that sells all sorts of products that have been handmade on-site. You can even rent out a room and take a vow of silence for a few days. You’ve got to try it at least once in your life!


Memphrémagog… Vraiment! (in French only)

Memphrémagog, tu connais? (in French only)


Welcome Agent / Memphrémagog RCM


This territory has a welcome agent that develops, promotes, supervises and deploys a reception and assistance network to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into the social, cultural and economic landscape of the region.

819 843-9292 poste 222

Place aux jeunes en région Memphrémagog


Place aux jeunes en région aids and encourages graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 to move to regions outside of Quebec’s large city centres. The organization operates in 15 regions across Quebec and helps young people settle, find a job and integrate into their new living environment.

819 843-3007, poste 226

Entreprendre Memphrémagog


Entreprendre Memphrémagog offers a variety of business services, such as financing, training, technical advice, business planning and SEO.

819 843-9292

Entreprendre Memphrémagog


Entreprendre Memphrémagog offers a variety of business services, such as financing, training, technical advice, business planning and SEO.

819 843-9292

Chambre de commerce Memphrémagog


The Memphremagog Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting and promoting the development of their entrepreneurial community.

819 769-0292

Orientation travail


Orientation Travail offers a range of personalized support services including employment assistance and career transition aid to individuals and businesses in the process of rethinking or redefining their career path.

819 822-1675

Work Ressources

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