The Townships at a glance

130 distinct cultural communities, the only region with a bilingual curriculum from kindergarten to university, more than 130 research and development groups and centres, 500 km of hiking trails, more than 25 public markets, business incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces throughout the four corners of the region, nearly 900 post-secondary programs in 7 world-class educational institutions, more than 100 vocational training programs, 4 national parks, dozens of micro-breweries and other gourmet businesses, 28 different business sectors, 20 theatres, 30 museums… and all just 1 hour from Montreal, 2 hours from Quebec City, and 4 hours from Boston!


The Eastern Townships’ economy is growing fast, starting from 28 business sectors ranging from start-ups to multinationals, to everything from farming, microelectronics, and cloud computing.

Here, our business network relies on a very strong research and development epicentre that generates great ideas, from innovative products to ground-breaking companies. One of the most sought-after regions in Quebec for the self-employed to find the perfect work-life balance. Incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, investment funds, mentoring cells, leading business sectors… The Townships’ business ecosystem is dynamic, prosperous, and filled with opportunity!

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Education and R&D

Outside of Montreal and Quebec City, the Eastern Townships is the only region where from kindergarten to university you can pursue an education in both French and English: a legacy of our cultural and linguistic duality.

Here, 40,000 students are learning and developing skills in one of nearly 1,000 post-secondary and vocational programs. Our educational institutions also feed into our extensive research and development (R&D) capabilities in a large variety of industries. Nearly 130 research groups and research centres contribute to the development of innovative products and processes that can change the world in a real and sustainable way.

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Lifestyle and Hobbies

The activities and services available to you are endless: nature, culture, self-help organizations, performances, education, healthy living options… What more could you ask for!

The Townships are a paradise for young families. As a bonus, its exceptional geographical location near major city centres and the U.S. border allows residents to get away, even if just for a few hours. Whether you are looking to lose yourself in the streets of Montreal and Quebec or breathe the fresh air of the White Mountains of Maine… you’re truly close to everything your heart could desire.

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Culture and Heritage

The Anglo-Saxon heritage of the region is still very much present in the Townships.

American and British history can be felt in every corner of the territory, from the grand Victorian buildings, to Anglican churches and quaint round barns nestled in the countryside. The region’s rich cultural history has now given way to a vibrant culture of concert halls, museums, and festivals! You’ll find large and niche festivals, as well as cultural festivals where we celebrate our love of world cultures as well as the region’s own cultural diversity.

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The Townships offergeneralized and ultra-specialized health services thanks to the expertise of its state-of-the-art university hospital.

The region with the second highest number of healthcare workers per capita in Quebec, giving families the reassurance they need when it comes to their healthcare needs. The Townships offer a range of activities and lifestyle choices to keep you fit and healthy. Your backyard is your own personal playground: mountains, trails, rivers, lakes… infrastructure and sports clubs… Whether you’re a top athlete or simply obsessed with weekend sports and hobbies, there’s something for everyone when it comes to staying in shape!

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Agriculture and Agri-food

A region renowned for the quality of its products, the Eastern Townships have something to satisfy and delight the gourmet curiosities of locals and visitors alike.

From artisanal growers, to one-of-a-kind brewers and winemakers, master cheesemakers, and celebrated chefs… gourmet dining is within everyone’s reach on a daily basis. In addition, the Townships are attracting more and more sustainable agriculture on a human scale. Environmental initiatives are multiplying in this sector, a draw for the next generation of farmers. And not only is farmland more affordable than elsewhere, it’s also exceedingly rich and fertile.

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Environment and Landscapes

The Townships’ captivating and diverse landscapes boast unparalleled natural beauty. You can find lakes, rivers, mountains, vineyards, marshes, evergreens, and deciduous trees all in one breathtaking region. For a one-of-a-kind experience witness the valleys of southern Quebec in the fall as the countryside is set on fire by the red, yellow, and orange hues of the changing leaves.

Remember, these landscapes aren’t just for looking at… they’re also for playing! Get on your bike, hit the trails, explore the mountainside, try out a new water sport. From one end of the region to the other or in one of our 4 national parks exciting activities and a dose of adrenaline await. The Eastern Townships are also a region that rallies for environmental preservation. From the development of green technologies, electrification of transport, sustainable travel infrastructure, waterway protection… being Green is in our DNA.

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Real State

Whether you’re looking for a charming home among peaceful nature or a modern apartment in the heart of the city, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Townships—and at a fraction of the cost!

Real estate prices in the Townships are 25% lower than the Quebec average. The house of your dreams is within reach! If you’re looking to get your hands dirty, there are plenty of empty lots where you can build your dream home amongst stunning landscapes.

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Nos territoires

Découvrez les différents territoires de notre région


Haut-Saint-François is located between Sherbrooke, Mont-Mégantic, and the American border. This region’s exceptional community sets itself apart by embracing shared values of solidarity, equality, preservation, knowledge, and forward-thinking.

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The smallest territory in southern Quebec, the Sources region prides itself on innovation. The Sources locals have made their mark on our region thanks to their ability to be both inventive and creative.

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Memphrémagog boasts a larger-than-life feel; a vast playground where majestic lakes and magnificent mountains coexist. Offering many useful bilingual services, it’s the best of both worlds–a city nestled in the countryside. This slice of heaven is perfect for holidaymakers and residents alike… Come see for yourself!

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Granit, an impressively vast territory where mountains meet prairies and lakes, and the immensity of its outdoor spaces and starry skies will take your breath away. The welcoming and dynamic people of Granit animate the resilient environment, which reinvents itself day after day.

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Surround yourself with Sherbrooke’s greenery, mountains, and water. This region offers everything a family could need with the benefits of urban life and the beauty of nature. Sherbrooke is a professional and scientific hub in the Eastern Townships; a knowledge centre and a champion of diversity where culture and sports thrive.

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The gateway to the Eastern Townships, Haute-Yamaska benefits from being close to everything. Less than an hour from Montreal, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, and the U.S. border–you can enjoy all the advantages of nearby cities in a peaceful and enchanting setting surrounded by nature.

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An undisputed leader in the Green Revolution, Brome-Missisquoi is a vibrant community filled with creative and inspiring people. Its rich Anglo-Saxon heritage and avant-garde appeal contribute to its unparalleled vivacity and free-spirited atmosphere. The region’s open-minded, committed, and determined locals actively contribute to its influential character.

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Le Val-Saint-François, c’est un vaste territoire qui s’anime autour de trois pôles dynamiques bien distincts. Entre Valcourt, Richmond et Windsor, il y a un univers de possibilités qui s’ouvre à vous. Ici, les cultures francophone et anglophone s’unissent et s’enrichissent tant dans l’architecture que dans les valeurs de ses habitants.

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Live amongst the hills of the Coaticook region; a one of a kind place, beautified by idyllic rolling landscapes. Here’s your chance to be part of a dynamic and supportive community. Living in the Coaticook region also means enjoying a rich and bountiful land that nourishes and delights both young and old.

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