Ose le Haut!

City Centre : Cookshire-Eaton

Haut-Saint-François is a community that has taken charge of its destiny; a place where its citizens value solidarity, equity, preservation, learning, and daring to try new things. Travel to the edges of this impressive territory and marvel at the magnificent valleys, majestic lakes, endless hills, and the pure magic of the Appalachians. Here, art is savoured in all its forms: mother nature’s canvas, the art of entrepreneurship, and cultural art. A desire to work and set down roots in Haut-Saint- François is incited by the unique values and original projects that flourish in the region.


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The Haut-Saint-François Way


Simplicity meets Sophistication

Only in Haut-Saint-François would we dare to host a juxtaposition of live events. The first, an eco-friendly micro rock festival held in the region’s longest covered bridge–the embodiment of countryside simplicity. The second, a series of classical music concerts held in the outdoors–the epitome of sophistication.

La nuit du pont couvert

Bustling yet Balanced

Drive out to the Parc régional du Marécage des Scotts where you can relax and recharge while exploring 8.3 km of trails. Then, stop on the way home at Brasserie rurale 11 comtés to sample unique and refreshing beers brewed with local ingredients by a team of creative and passionate brewers.

Parc régional du Marécage des ScotsBrasserie rurale 11 comtés

Dream and Dare

In Haut-Saint-François you can rediscover all the night sky has to offer at the Dark Sky Reserve, made possible by limiting light pollution. The youth of our region look to the skies and to themselves while they dream of grandeur and learn how to become responsible citizen at the Cité-école Louis-Saint-Laurent.

Cité-école Louis-Saint-LaurentOn préserve la réserve

Is boldness in your dna ? Become an ambassador of Haut-Saint-François.

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Townships Treasures

Residents of Haut-Saint-François share their favourites!

Charcuterie Scotstown

Scotstown serves up the best cured meats in all of Quebec. We are so lucky to have such talented producers in our area!

Maison de la culture John Henry Pope

Taking a tour of the Maison De La Culture John-Henry Pope is a great way to learn about what makes the historic Haut-Saint-François so special. Learn about local artists from the friendly staff and be transported back in time as you explore the heritage building that houses the art gallery and cultural centre.

Johnville Bog & Forest Park

There’s always something fun and interesting going on here! In the Spring, hundreds of frogs flock to the two lakes and croak at the top of their lungs. You can also take a stroll along the boardwalk through the bog. It’s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life that all you can hear are the calming sounds of nature!


Le Haut-Saint-François, tu connais? (in French only)


Welcome agent / Haut-Saint-François RCM


This territory has a welcome agent that develops, promotes, supervises and deploys a reception and assistance network to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into the social, cultural and economic landscape of the region.

819 828-0049

Place aux jeunes en région Haut-Saint-François


Place aux jeunes en région aids and encourages graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 to move to regions outside of Quebec’s large city centres. The organization operates in 15 regions across Quebec and helps young people settle, find a job and integrate into their new living environment.

819 832-1513, poste 107

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