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City Centre : Val-des-Sources

The art of innovation is no secret for the Sources RCM, the smallest territory in southern Quebec. Locals swiftly learned that in order to make their mark, they had no choice but to show resilience, audacity, and inventiveness. In the Sources RCM, we do things differently… The creative spirit of our citizens is firing on all cylinders when it comes to building our ever-evolving region. Here, proximity is not only a concept of urbanism, it is a way of life. “Helping your neighbour” does not only apply to the people of Sources, it also defines the relationships between our businesses. Sustainable development is rooted in our DNA. Nature is a precious commodity for us, as is the realization of our people’s most profound aspirations. Family life is fostered by quality services and infrastructure (leisure, health, education), as well as intergenerational meetings and socialization. The Sources RCM is a territory that cares on a human scale, where innovation, solidarity, and citizen participation all contribute to local development.


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The Sources Way


Proud Traditions and Innovation

The Sources RCM has mastered the art of pushing the boundaries of innovation with the development of a promising Eco-materials sector. While embracing innovation the region still proudly celebrates its exceptional heritage, as seen with the Heritage Buildings of Danville.

Bâtiments patrimoniaux anglais de Danville

Bustling yet Balanced

Thanks to our citizens’ commitment to exciting projects the Asbestos mine is experiencing a second life with Slackfest, a colourful slackline competition. This same commitment is shown when it comes to living a balanced lifestyle resulting in unique projects to facilitate the settlement of young families in Saint-Camille and Saint-Adrien.

Slackfest AsbestosRang 13 à Saint-CamilleEspace Nature Petit-Ham

Free Spirited and Committed

Agenda 21 demonstrates that the Sources RCM is a true pioneer in sustainable development. Thanks to this project, the region has taken on a sustainable and conscious approach, providing places like Mont-Ham Regional Park where you can enjoy the sensation of freedom in its wide-open spaces.

Agenda 21Parc régional du Mont-Ham

Is sustainable development in your DNA? Become an ambassador for Sources.

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Townships Treasures

Sources locals share their favourite spots.

La Meunerie de Saint-Adrien

La Meunerie has put Saint-Adrien on the map for their world-class performances. It’s no wonder that locals from the surrounding areas come to lend a hand and share in the fun!

Microbrasserie Moulin 7

The Moulin 7 menu was specifically designed around local products. They also brew signature beers that are as unique as they are delicious. The names of their beers are a cheeky nod to the history of the town of Asbestos.

Pizza Friday at P’tit Bonheur de Saint-Camille

On Friday night, the entire town of Saint-Camille flocks to P’tit Bonheur for pizza night. This place is proof that good food brings people together.


Les Sources, tu connais? (in French only)


Welcome Agent / Sources RCM

Des Sources

This territory has a welcome agent that develops, promotes, supervises and deploys a reception and assistance network to help newcomers seamlessly integrate into the social, cultural and economic landscape of the region.

819 879-6661, poste 240

Place aux jeunes en région Des Sources

Des Sources

Place aux jeunes en région aids and encourages graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 to move to regions outside of Quebec’s large city centres. The organization operates in 15 regions across Quebec and helps young people settle, find a job and integrate into their new living environment.

819 879-7667

Carrefour d’innovation sur les matériaux de la MRC des Sources

Des Sources

The Carrefour D’Innovation Sur Les Matériaux De La RCM’s mission is to provide process monitoring services in the industrial, innovative materials and mining industries.

1 877 215-8130


Des Sources

ARTERRE is a networking service that focuses on connecting aspiring farmers with landowners. Their goal is to help next-generation farmers by transferring farms over to unrelated parties, purchasing or renting assets and establishing partnerships to ensure the sustainability of agricultural businesses and heritage in Quebec.

819 879-6661, poste 233

ADN emploi

Des Sources

ADN Emploi is an employment advice centre for individuals and businesses in the RCM of Sources and the RCM of Val-Saint-François. ADN offers professional development services to increase the employability and promote the reintegration of young people, aged 16 and over who are struggling, and help them break into the job market. They also provide human resources consulting services to businesses in the area.

Asbestos : 819 879-4080

Windsor : 819 845-4199

Développement économique Des Sources

Des Sources

Développement Économique Des Sources helps entrepreneurs with various business needs (looking for land, seeking funding, support, etc.)

819 879-6661

Work Ressources

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